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Jason update.
So Jason saw a doctor at walter reed hospital and it turns out he does need to get his jaw wired shut. He also has to have two metal plates put in on either side of his jaw. So tuesday he'll have his surgery and then he gets to come home for 3 weeks. Anthony is gonna go down there and drive back with him. 
I tell you though it's a good diet....the doctor told him to expect to lose about 30 pounds. Of course Jason doesn't need to lose any weight.
But yeah thats what's going on oh that and my nanny is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and it doesn't look good.
Man doesn't it seem like I only update this thing with bad news.


omg love. I feel the same way lately..only bad news to relate. *hugs* Jason definately does NOT need to lose any weight (if he's anything still like the pictures I've seen before). I hope your nanny gets better too. *huggles* I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.