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I think I broke my toe getting out of bed.

Yeah so I really should be put in a bubble. I have this knee knee like falls asleep which leaves me unable to put any weight on it. Well I woke up and put all my weight on my left leg and boom I dropped. Well I tried to catch myself and the way I went down my pinky toe bent back. Now it's swollen and it hurts really bad.

Comments poor PBG!!! Reminds me of a couple of days ago where I put my hands up..and didn't realize that a cup was above my head and it fell and BROKE ON MY HEAD!!!! OW!!! I swear..we're always so connected with these things!

I have links to download HSM 2!!! Do you want it? Or have you already seen it?

YAY for you joining facebook! :) WOOT! LOVE YA!!!


Yeah we are exactly the same lol.

Yeah of course my teeny self wants it lol

I actually had a facebook for a while but then I cancelled my account so basically I came back lol.

ok..actually..I'm just gonna upload to my'll be easier..

Give me a few minutes! :)

hehe..we are so much alike! Ah..well I'm glad you're back! :D

Thanks charlotte!

my absolute pleasure PBG! :D