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My Xmas stocking.......
So I'm a big copycat.
My Xmas stockingCollapse )

Someone tell me not to kill my puppy.
I've been sick all week. It's so annoying I'm all stuffy and my throat is killing me. Plus I barely have a voice which isn't good since I have to answer phones at work.

Speaking of phones. My pretty much brand new orange pebl that I got about a month or so ago was found chewed up on my bedroom floor this morning. I swear I was gonna kill that puppy. It was in my bag on my dresser and this is the second time he's taken something out of my bag and chewed it. I wouldn't mind so much that he chewed on it if it weren't for the fact that it no longer turns on. I don't even know how he flipped it open my mother couldn't even figure out how to open the thing.
I guess it's good that I cell phones at work. Now I just have to go in today and see if I can get a new one.
I swear i don't ever remember Riley being this bad when he was a puppy. He never took stuff out of my bag.

Happy reunion.......
Just got home from Texas. We flew down there tuesday and on wednesday I had Jason in a huge bear hug. I am so glad he is out of that place.
Had a good mini vacation except for the temp. dropping 30 degrees in a day and sitting in the Austin airport for 6 hours on the way home.
Now bed because it is 5 a.m. and I didn't sleep on the plane.

It's november 9th and 70 dgrees outside.....that and the fact that just this past weekend it was 40 something dgrees is probably the reason why I'm sick.

When Jason makes his way back to brooklyn I try to bring him to a Knick game.....this year however I am saved because Joey wants to see Lebron James play. The Knicks aren't playing the Cavs when Jason is gonna be home but the Nets are. Elley if you and Bec are interested it's December 20th I haven't been to a Nets game with you guys in a while.

Other than that i'm bored at work right now and connot wait to go home and go to sleep.

I got my Timberlake tickets yesterday. Gonna see him at's been a while since I saw a concert there.

I also got the best news I got in a while we finally got the date Jason is coming home.
He'll be back in texas sometime between december 1-3.....The army can never just give you an actual date which is annoying.
So november 29th we'll be beginning our 1700 mile car ride to Killeen Texas.
I'm not so happy about the car ride but I can't wait to see Jasie.

Other than that I had a quiet weekend....lounged around the was great.

I am such a crybaby.
So my mom and her boyfriend broke up......I just called home and even though she says she's alright I know she isn't. My mom isn't one to cry which I guess is why I'm sitting here at work fighting back my tears.
I mean it was weird for me....her having a boyfriend but she was so happy and now she's not.
So here I am like an idiot almost crying because my mother is upset.....

Here I am once again bored at work.

I had an good weekend. You know how most people say they can't take their kids grocery shopping because they wind up spending more money....well I can't take my mom grocery shopping because she makes me spend too much money.
Normally I do the grocery shopping but now that I have a job that I get home late from my mom and I go on saturday....jeez we spent like double what we usually spend.

I went and saw texas chainsaw massacre with my brother Joey.....I think I didn't have my eyes closed for like 15 minutes. It was very gory....too gory for my tastes. Joey was laughing at me and calling me a wuss but when he spoke to Jason yesterday Jasie was like yeah she always does that. My Jasie knows me so well.

Other than that my weekend was pretty boring......
Oh and I really hate mondays.

Lets go Tigers.......I guess.
While I am happy they actually go to the playoffs this year it still hurts.
That's all I can say about it.
I won't be watching the world series this year but I do hope the Tigers win it.
Not just because I want them to beat the damn Cards......ok maybe mostly because I want them to beat the damn Cards.
Is it time for next season yet?

On to game 7
Last night my brother Joey said if the Mets won game 6 they would win game 7.
I really hope he's right.
It was nice to see them step up when they had to....although I am very worried about Billy Wagner.
I mean he really seems to forget that his job is not to come in and give up runs.

I have two sets of plans for saturday....If the Mets make te worlds series plans....and if the mets don;t make the world series plans. Anyway gotta get to my next class....

Happy, Happy Birthday......
Happy Birthday elley1017 Hope you have a good day girl.....Love you lots!

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