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The scariest trip to Texas I have ever taken.

So I went down I went down to Texas to see Jason and help him drive back home since he is soon going to be stationed at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC. Well I got down there wednesday and we were staying at a motel 6 down the road from the base and about 3 am we got woken up by three guys that were in our room.
The one guy woke Jason up by punching him in the face and I was woken up when I heard him saying wake the fuck up. They were looking for some people that were staying in our room before us. Some guy named Tyler. The guy kept calling Jason Tyler and Jason was like I don't know who you the fuck you are. Jason told him to look at his ID because he didn't believe that, that wasn't his name. After he looked at the ID he was like oh I'm sorry and then they left. After they left I realized my cellphone wasn't where I left it charging. I started checking everything else and realized they took my Ipod too. They also took money from Jason and a knife. After we talked to the cops we went back onto Fort Hood and I was bugging Jason to get checked out because his face was swelling and he was spitting up blood. We went to the emergency room at about 4 am and by 9 we were out of there but he has a fractured jaw. The doctor didn't wire his jaw shut but he is on a liquid diet for 8 weeks.

I was so excited to go down there and all I wanted after that night was to come home. It was just so wake up and there are people in your room and you don't know what they are gonna do.


Yeah Jason is going to be fine he's more angry than anything. That the guy hit him whle he was sleeping and thatI was there when it happened....he's very overprotective ya know.